Varsity baseball team brings home Lightning win


On Saturday Oct. 28, the varsity baseball team faced the Boca High School Bobcats, in which the Lighting won with a final score of 9-4, increasing their record to 8-2-1.

“The game went well. I’m proud of our performance and that we were able to pull ourselves up,” sophomore outfielder Barrett Cruz said.

The players usually prefer games in later times of the day, but Cruz said he was excited for the game.

“Most of us prefer night time games as opposed to early morning games,” Cruz said. “We’re all tired and it takes a while for us to wake up and play to the best of our ability.”

Games take lots of preparation, and for the players, that means taking part in their own pre-game ritual.

“As part of my pre game ritual, I listen to Michael Jackson,” Cruz said. “It gets me in a good mood and helps me get into a game mentality.”

As for senior shortstop Jorge Julio, praying for success has been a consistent pre-game ritual.

“Before every game I sit down and pray,” Julio said. “I pray that we play good and to the best of our potential.”

The Lightning fell behind early in the game, in which it found itself down 3-1 during the second inning.

“The game started pretty rough,” Cruz said. “We were all tired and it really showed in the way we were playing.”

At the end of the second, the Lightning were still down.

“Once the third inning started, we realized we were getting lazy and needed to try harder if we really wanted to win,” Cruz said.

During the third inning, sophomore catcher Joaquin Monque said that despite his previous strike out, he was pleased to be at bat and record another hit.

“I could’ve done better by not striking out,” Monque said. “You can’t get a hit every time you’re at bat so it’s okay; it happens.”

The turning point occurred in the sixth inning, in which Julio hit a grand slam to put the Lightning on top.

“It was the bottom of the sixth inning and we were losing,” Julio said. “It was perfect timing, bases were loaded and we had two outs.”

Ending the game with a five-point lead, the Lightning were able to finish strong and pull out a win.

“We need to continue practicing for our next game so we can win against Coral Gables,” Monque said.

Cruz said he and his teammates look forward to continuing the season and hope for great success.

“I’m anxious to see how we finish the season,” Cruz said. “We put in countless hours of hard work, so it’d be really nice to see them pay off.”




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