“Justice League” disappoints with unexciting and inadequate film



“Justice League,” the latest installment of the Detective Comics (DC) movie series, premiered Nov. 17. The film featured DC regulars, like The Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and also introduced three new heroes, The Flash (Ezra Miller), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa). Although the film was highly anticipated, it only had some entertaining moments, and was overall mediocre at best.

The movie picks up during the aftermath of Superman’s (Henry Cavill) death in “Batman v Superman”. Chaos has run amok, and invaders from other worlds are coming to attack Earth since they know Superman is dead. A particularly prominent villain is Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds), a powerful conqueror who is after three boxes of power to create the “Unity” that is meant to reshape and enslave the Earth.

In the meantime, Batman (Affleck) is trying to form a team of people with extraordinary abilities to protect the Earth from the impending evil. He first recruits Aquaman (Momoa), who is a strong headed man with the power to control the sea. Wonder Woman (Gadot) decides to join as well, after fighting in the shadows for a century. The Flash (Miller) and Cyborg (Fisher) are also recruited, and the team is complete.

Although seeing the Justice League together was exciting, the majority of the movie was bland with the director trying to introduce each new character, but not having enough time to do so properly. Due to this, each new character fit a stereotypical trope, and did not seem to have any further development as the film progressed.

Moreover, the script writing was lazy, with most of the characters having forgettable one-liners, or forced jokes that were meant to ease the intensity, but simply fell flat in the scenes. One exception to this is criticism is Ezra Miller as The Flash. Miller is able to perfectly embody the character of Barry Allen, a typical young man, who is still trying to figure out how he can do good with his powers. The Flash is the real comedic relief of the film, and his childlike fascination throughout the film made it a lot more enjoyable to watch.

While the movie does have its faults in script and character development, the visuals in the film were excellent. The special effects crew outdid themselves creating new worlds unseen in the DC universe, such as Steppenwolf’s layer, and his character’s appearance as a whole. Additionally, battle scenes were very well choreographed, keeping eyes on the screen throughout all of the fights.

Although the character development was severely lacking, the chemistry between the heroes was undeniable. Each character had something to offer the other, and any interaction seemed genuine, like the actors had taken time to get to know one another before shooting began.

Overall, “Justice League” had both good and bad aspects, as any movie surely does. However, it was the lack of excitement in the first parts of the film that take it down to the mediocre level. There is definitely potential for a better sequel, since all the characters are now together, but this was not the introduction to the team that the DC Universe needed.

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