Holiday preparations begin early


For sophomore Sydney Kron, the holidays are more than just a few days a year. She said preparations for the holiday season have gone into full effect way before the month of December.

“We decorate so early to brighten up our house,” Kron said. “Ever since I was young, the day after Halloween is when all the Christmas music on the radio and decorating starts.”

Kron said she and her family love the holidays and start early to make the holiday spirit last as long as possible.

“In my house, we have one fake tree that goes up early and we also buy a real one in early December,” Kron said. “Christmas music is constantly playing in my house, no matter what time of the year.”

World history teacher Kathleen Harrington said she started buying and taking all of her decorations out before Thanksgiving, so she can get an early start on decorating both her home and classroom.

“For the classroom, I have students stay after school with me and I’ll let some classes help,” Mrs. Harrington said. “At home, I got out all my decorations and I just got a better, cooler fake tree.”

To Mrs. Harrington, some of her decorations hold a sentimental value. She said she likes to share it with her students, as none of them have never seen anything like it.

“I decorate so much because I like all the memories they hold, one of which is the Christmas village,” Mrs. Harrington said. “I used to have it at my house and my grandkids loved it so it means a lot to me to see the students’ happy reaction to it.”

When it comes to decorating, Mrs. Harrington said she goes all out and works extremely hard.

“We set up a mini Christmas village scene, [put out] fake snow, decorate the tree, hang up lights and stockings, [set up] a powerpoint which looks like a fireplace and I play Christmas music,” Mrs. Harrington said. “It is a happy time and it makes it a happy place; it’s a magical thing.”

Unlike Kron and Mrs. Harrington, freshman Mason Solomon said he does not enjoy the early holiday spirit.

“I saw many holiday commercials airing and Christmas music came on the radio in the beginning of November, as well as houses putting up full effort to wow passersby on the street,” Solomon said.

Even though Thanksgiving is in the month of November, many such as Kron and Mrs. Herrington said they started decorating for Christmas during this time. Solomon was surprised the preparations started when they did.

“People usually associate the month of December with Christmas just as they do Valentine’s Day with February,” Solomon said. “It is strange that people start to prepare for the holidays even in the month of November or October, which are associated with Thanksgiving and Halloween.”

To ring in the full holiday spirit, Solomon said he thinks it is appropriate to start preparations in December.

“While prepping for a time of year months in advance, people tend to disregard the time that is passing in the present moment,” Solomon said. “People should wait until the ‘25 days of Christmas’ to stay in the current moment and enjoy other holidays before Christmas.”








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