Personality Profile: Lance and Tyler Kotler


Whether it’s co-Captains of Policy Debate, Cypress Bay Tutoring heads or National Merit semifinalists, the Kotler twins said they have a tremendous passion for academic activity. The twins said they both inspire each other to work hard to succeed in school.

“I think having my brother with me has motivated me to work harder and keep pursuing what I’m going for because he’s also very driven and talented,” Lance Kotler said. “He is very organized, which keeps me on top of things.”

As both Lance and Tyler Kotler are semifinalists for the National Merit Scholarship, Tyler Kotler said they help motivate each other to succeed. He said he was amazed, yet surprised, when hearing the news that him and his brother both qualified.

“I was so excited but honestly surprised when I found out I had qualified. I really appreciate the reward and acknowledgement it brings for working hard and finding success,” Tyler Kotler said. “It’s an accomplishment that I’m not only very proud of, but one that can definitely help me with getting into and paying for college.”

Both Lance and Tyler Kotler said they have similar colleges they want to attend, ranging from Yale, University of Michigan, University of Florida, Vanderbilt, Princeton and Emory. Although they are applying to the same schools, they said they are interested in studying different things.

“In college, I want to be able to explore a wide variety of subjects and activities along with meeting a lot of new people,” Tyler Kotler said. “As of now, I’m interested in focusing on politics, economics and mathematics, hoping to pursue a major and a career relating to those fields.”

Although Lance Kotler said he and his brother are close, he said he is not picking schools based on his brother. While he is a lot more set on what he wants to pursue in the future, he said his brother is still undecided.

“I’d love to work for the UN or maybe in the federal government in Washington, D.C.,” Lance Kotler said. “I’m looking to work in an area that can make a difference in U.S. and international policy, especially towards climate change and the environment, interstate conflicts, the economy and individual rights.”

The brothers said their study habits do not usually align. Lance Kotler said it is helpful to study together for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) test, but when it comes to their core classes, it is sometimes difficult.

“We have different teachers and different material for our classes, so a lot of times our assessments don’t align, or we have them on different days so our schedules don’t really match up in that way,” Lance Kotler said. “Also, even if we have the same test or quiz, we often have different things we each need to focus on to be prepared for it, so we’d study on our own, but when those areas are the same, we will study together and help each other out.”

Traveling around the United States together for events like debate championships, Kotler said he agrees that having his brother by his side has had a positive impact on his academic career.

“Lance motivates me to work harder and he’s always there for me,” Tyler Kotler said. “Having him in high school has definitely motivated me to succeed.”

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