The Circuit Editorial Board 2018-2019

Online Edition:

Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Sobel                                                  

Managing Editor: Lucy Celentano                                            

News Editor: Lauren Pabian                                                    

Features Editor: Sabrina Blandon                                            

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Gabby Sonkin                             

Sports Editor: Robbie Solomon                                               

Multimedia Editor: Shira Cohn                                                 

Print Edition:

Editor-in-Chief: Jessie Chaiet                                                 

Managing Editor: Cassidy Sheldon                                        

News Editor: Casey Menten                                                  

Features Editor: Nyah Hardmon                                            

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Jenna Friedman                       

Sports Editor: Brian Kessler                                                  

Ad Designer: Jake Miller                                                       

Ad Organizer: Chloe Wain                                                    

Business Manager: Sofia Russ                                             

Hybrid Editors:

Features & Opinion (Print) Copy Editor: Rachel Silverman  

A&E & Opinion (Web) Copy Editor: Hannah Zifrony             

News Copy Editor: Alexis Epstein                                        

Sports Copy Editor: Dylan Srebnick                                      

News & A&E Photo Editor: Drew Roach                                

Features & Sports Photo Editor: Sophia Busto                      

Graphics Editor: Jolie Sonkin                                                 

Graphics Editor: Annabelle Daniels-Rosenberg                     

Layout Editor: Amanda Morgan                                              

Layout Editor: Sophie Gaer                                                   


Adviser: Ms. Eileen Manella


Phone: (754)-323-0350 ext. 3277

18600 Vista Park Blvd.
Weston, FL 33332

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