Ad Contract

Cypress Bay High School                                           School Newspaper Ad Contract

Attention: Ms. Manella

18600 Vista Park Blvd.                                                         The

Weston, FL     33332                                                          Circuit

Phone: (754) 323-0350, ext. 3277

Fax: (754) 323-0363                                       Email:



Contact person at business:_________________________ Phone:___________________




AD SIZE:                                                                                COST PER ISSUE:

Full back page, color                                                                           $350

9.75” x 15.5” (SOLD OUT)

Full page, color (only size offered in color)                                          $300

Full page                                                                                             $225

Half page                                                                                            $125

9.75” x 7.75”

Quarter page                                                                                        $75

4.75” x 7.75”

Business card                                                                                      $35

4.4375” x 2.22”

Flyers                                                                                                  $175

(Advertiser provides 4,500  8” x 11” inserts)


Please make check payable to Cypress Bay High School. Acceptable methods of payment are: business checks, cashier’s checks, money orders or cash. This contract, the ad, and payment must be submitted together in order to guarantee ad space.

Size of ad: _______________   Amount paid:_________________ Today’s date:___________

Issue/month(s) ad will run:________________________ Sold by:_______________________

Advertiser’s signature:___________________________________

Camera-ready ad provided by advertiser?   YES     NO

If no, please write the information desired on the reverse side of this sheet and our staff will design ad.

The deadline for each issue is Sept. 17, Oct. 25, Nov. 28, Jan. 23, and Mar. 5, April 15. If you pay in advance for all 6 issues, you will receive a 10% discount. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO AD SPACE IS SAVED UNTIL PAYMENT IN FULL IS MADE.



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