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College Circuit: Joseph Walsh Unique interests deepen passions Athletes to Watch Super testing schedules increase conflicts for students and teachers Should Cypress Bay build a new parking garage in place of the student lot?

College Circuit: Joseph Walsh

The American University (AU) is a private research institution located in Washington DC, with more than 13,000 enrolled students. 2018 alumni Joseph Walsh is currently a freshman at the university....


Unique interests deepen passions

BY ISABELLA GROGAN When sophomore Marcela Biggs was eight years old, she said her fascination with goats started to grow. Biggs said her obsession with goats has no origin, and she...

Participation trophies promote materialistic thinking in youth athletics

By Lucy Celentano Managing editor As I clean out my cluttered closet during my senior year in preparation for moving out of my childhood home and...

lissa ATW

Athletes to Watch

Lissa Dewindt What keeps you motivated at practices? Soccer is my outlet to get my...

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Super testing schedules increase conflicts for students and teachers

As the end of the school year approaches, the Bay has begun preparing the testing schedule for Advanced Placement (AP), Advanced International Cambridge Education (AICE), SAT, Florida Standards Assessment (FSA)...

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Should Cypress Bay build a new parking garage in place of the student lot?

Yes: By Jennifer Silverman Cypress Bay’s parking lot is hectic and causes many issues such as traffic jams, car accidents and more. This jam-packed lot full of new drivers is...

study abroad

Study abroad opportunities spark interests

08 February 2019

BY SABRINA BLANDON ONLINE FEATURES EDITOR After graduating high school, junior Riley Carpinteri said she plans on spending her sophomore year of college studying abroad in New Zealand or Australia. Ever since...

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Alumni Strike: Isabella DeSheplo

04 February 2019

BY SABRINA BLANDON ONLINE FEATURES EDITOR Alumna Isabella DeSheplo, who graduated from the Bay in 2016, has spent her last two summers at the United States Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya working as...

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Leah at the March For Our Lives stage.

Personality Profile: Leah Lipke

31 January 2019

BY ILYSSA MANN Ever since the 2016 Trump election, junior Leah Lipke said political issues have encapsulated her. She said her passions for topics such as gun regulations and women’s rights...

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College Circuit: Ryan Scanlon

14 December 2018

BY GABY MCMILLAN The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is a private college located in Savannah, Georgia. SCAD specializes in careers of Interior Design, Architecture and Graphic Art. 2018...

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Tesla Alum. Strike by Sandra Talledo

Alumni Strike: Heather Molina Macfie

14 December 2018

BY REMI SCHWARTZ PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGER Alumna Heather Molina Macfie graduated from the Bay in 2004 and achieved her goal of becoming an engineer for Tesla cars. After graduating, Macfie took her...

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Devin pabian traveling holidays

Winter break invokes holiday travels

14 December 2018

BY DEVIN PABIAN When the holiday break begins, freshman Trevor Thacker said he wants to travel to New York to visit his family. Thacker said he and his family go every...

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Friendsgiving social provides thanks

13 December 2018

BY LUCIANA GARZON Interior Design Club members gathered for a “Friendsgiving” social on Nov. 15 in room 323. Students socialized while eating Thanksgiving-themed foods and took part in activities such as...

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The Current: Road to Change

13 December 2018

BY GOWRI ABHINADA A new initiative was prompted following the March For Our Lives (MFOL) movement after the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School in Parkland, Florida,...

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Boys Varsity Basketball Tryouts

03 December 2018

The Lightning boys’ varsity basketball team held its tryouts on Nov. 5, 6 and 7 at the Bay’s Basketball Gymnasium. Varsity Coach Jason Looky said tryouts were easy to manage...

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Newfound restaurant displays Brazilian culture

29 November 2018

BY ISABELLA GROGAN Remembr, a new and innovative Brazilian restaurant, brings a never before seen style of cuisine to Weston. This restaurant has a variety of items on their menu as...

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photo taken by ana c

Faculty expands as student body grows

28 November 2018

BY GABRIELLA MCMILLAN With the Bay’s growing student body, the school had to hire new faculty members, including Debate 1 and 2 Honors teacher Rachel West. Before coming to the Bay,...

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Chorus club overcomes obstacles

20 November 2018

BY GABBY SONKIN ONLINE ARTS & ENT. EDITOR The Bay’s Chorus Club performed their first concert in the auditorium on Oct. 9 with a theme of folk songs and spirituals. Senior Shelby...

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Clubs congregate in courtyard to attract student body

20 November 2018

BY GOWRI ABHNANDA Student Government Association (SGA) organized Club Love Day on Oct. 4 to introduce students to the various clubs offered at the Bay. Thirty-five clubs were showcased with activities...

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Student government social fosters member relationships

20 November 2018

BY ILYSSA MANN Student Government Association (SGA) held the Big Little Speed Dating social on Oct. 25 to pair experienced members with new members. SGA adviser Danielle Nascimento said the goal...

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Boys Basketball Try-outs

20 November 2018

BY JAKE MILLER AD DESIGNER The Lightning boys’ varsity basketball team held its tryouts on Nov. 5, 6 and 7 at the Bay’s Basketball Gymnasium. Varsity Coach Jason Looky said tryouts were...

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Life-threatening allergic reactions can be prevented with EpiPen education

20 November 2018

BY: LUCY CELENTANO MANAGING EDITOR At the age of twelve, I vividly recall being rushed to the hospital where I was given a double dose of Benadryl and monitored until I was...

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Lightning Oscars 2018

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